**D-Pixel** D-Pixel is a 256 colour bitmap editor designed for editing pixel graphics. It is my own personal editor which I think other people will also enjoy using. It has many features not available in other 256 colour paint programs: + Easy to use and simple icon based interface + Resolution independent interface and canvas area + Smooth zooming and panning + A persistent Workspace which automatically saves settings and workspace images on exit, and then loads them back in on the next start of the program + Customisable right mouse button, and held left and right mouse button drawing options + Many different paint modes, some based on palette entry changes, and others on true colour effects mapped to the current palette + Built in 4 layer system for easy erasing of drawing actions + Multiple undo / redo system + Both full Circle / Ellipse drawing and optional section drawing + Tile mapping mode for automatic changes to duplicate tiles D-Pixel ======= Latest News ----------- **29th November 2015 - D-Pixel version 0.953 released** + Added palette swatches when over a tile in the tilemap window, or when the mouse cursor is over a tile in the canvas + Status bar at the top now shows the tile number the mouse cursor is over in the canvas, as well as the total number of tiles + Selecting a tile from the tilemap window now changes the paint mode to the standard paint mode as well + Drawing over multiple tiles with one drawing action is now possible, the tiles are individually mapped to the other locations in the image + Added optional tile palette on/off button in the tilemap icon bar. This can be set to 2, 4, 8 or 16 colour tile palettes, and when enabled means that the same tile in different palette is not added to the tilepalette, changes to a tile are mapped while keeping the original colours, and full tiles are changed to a new palette if drawn on + Fixed error where holding down control for the eyedropper and moving off canvas left the mode enabled when control was released. This also stopped icons being clickable until the mouse cursor was moved back over the canvas + Added a little blue tint to some of the grey colours in the user interface + Fixed an issue where the fill tool would sometimes not work + Made loading and saving DPX images (and as a consequence the workspace images) much quicker + Added smoothing to mouse cursor used when typing text in the font tool + Made the text cursor flash much faster in the font tool + Fixed mouse cursor not turning back to the arrow graphic when off the canvas in the font tool + Added help text when using the font tool + Integrated the Tixel library into D-Pixel so I can customise for D-Pixel if needed **18th November 2015 - D-Pixel version 0.952 released** + Fixed a bug with tilemapping where the wrong tiles could get updated when tilemapping link was on + Fixed an issue where images with odd numbered widths or heights would get drawn in slightly the wrong position, causing half of the last pixel row or column to be obscured. This also affected the wireframe grid option in Grid Options + Crop tool incorrectly added an extra row and column to the selected area before cropping. Now fixed + Changed the 'All files' default option in the Load Images fileselector to be 'All Images' and only show the image files that can be loaded **15th November 2015 - D-Pixel version 0.951 released** + A couple of crashing bugs to do with tilemaps and large images, and also with invalid keyboard shortcuts crept into the 0.95 release - now fixed + Added + and - keyboard shortcuts when in a canvas window to increase or decrease the zoom level + Altering a grid size slider now automatically recalculates the tileset from the image + Tilemap analysis made much faster + Changes to the brush tile drawing feature. You can now press the right mouse button to grab the current tile straight away (or hold and move to grab a multiple amount of tiles). This replaces the old versions where you would have to cancel drawing with the right mouse button and then select a new tile with the left mouse button + Fixed visual error where box cursor wouldn't appear when highlighting multiple tiles in brush tile copying **14th November 2015 - D-Pixel version 0.95 released** + Many bug fixes + Undo stack now saved on exit for all workspace images + Some cosmetic tweaks, more subdued icon colours, shadowed mouse cursors, small colour swatch top-left of fill cursor to avoid filling the wrong colour + Secondary tool options panel featuring different modes, including palette RGB & HSV sliders, and a proper tilemap palette **8th September 2015 - D-Pixel version 0.93 released** + Bug fixes, and new anti-aliasing paint mode **17th August 2015 - D-Pixel version 0.92 released** Download -------- This ZIP archive contains the latest version of D-Pixel: Screenshots -----------

Close up of one of the draw tools panel

Mouse button modes

Paint modes

Licensing --------- D-Pixel is free to use and copy and no fee should be charged to obtain or use this program _Richard Phipps_